LANKELEISI RV800plus 48V 20AH Samsung Lithium battery 750w Ba fang brand motor 52km/h 26inch

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Color:  Black/Orange
Ship To:  EU
⚙️750w Ba Fang Motor
🔋48V 20AH Samsung Lithium Battery
⚡52km/h Maximum speed
🚴🏻PAS mode (5 Shifts) Range 120-150KM


48V 750W Bafang Motor
Bafang 48V 750W () high-speed brushless motor lightweight. Its interior adopts a star gear design, which can amplify the torque and improve the energy efficiency conversion rate. This is reflected in reducing energy consumption and silent energy consumption while increasing the cruising range.
48V 20Ah SAMSUNG LithiumI Battery
48V 20Ah power 21700 lithium battery pack, completely hidden in the frame, waterproof and dustproof, double protection, strong output always stable. Pure electric can reach 70KM, and assisted riding can reach 150KM providing sufficient power output for riding and free riding.
Smart Color LCD Meter
RV800PLUS device intelligent LCD instrument brand new interactive interface, LCD display, integrated gear switch, bicycle data view, power output setting, clear at a glance.
Large Double Shoulder Oil Spring Suspension Fork 26*4.0 inch Wheels
The dual oil spring suspension and lockable front fork are used to provide the rider with a stronger comfort experience during a collision. Large potholes and muddy roads with a wheel diameter of 26*4.0 inches can easily pass the speed bump. The tire has a width of up to 10cm with anti-skid and anti-vibration functions.
Understand Every Stepping On Your Experience New Riding Fun
Built-in 5-level power assist mode, this mode can be adjusted by the button of the instrument, output from low power mode to high power mode, and intelligently detect each step. Depth-sensing pedal strength and rotation speed help ride more comfortably.
The four-bar linkage structure(front fork of the lower frame front fork of the upper frame, shock absorber joint, 650-pound rear oil spring shock absorber) enhances shock resistance and shock resistance and loads the frame Increase to 200kg, and provide excellent performance.